Youth Development

Living Hope Centers' Youth Development offers services that meet the needs of the youth in our communities and makes a difference in the lives of our future adults. Over the next three years, we hope to see lower teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease rates and reduced or eliminated youth suicide rates. Also, we hope to see improved educational success for students and help at-risk youth learn to become independent, successful citizens who give back to their communities. Our current services include STARS, the VolunTeen program, and a variety of student outreach activities and classes.



We offer students a chance to participate in STARS (Students Teaching About Relationships and Success). It is a cross-age, dual-impact, peer-mentoring program that was started by FRIENDS FIRST in 1996 as a way to provide support, character development, and healthy relationship education to youth.



VolunTeen Summer program

Each summer, teenagers have the opportunity to get an inside look at what it's like to work in the non-profit industry while at the same time having an important and positive impact on our clients, staff and community.


Student Outreach

Our student outreach includes a leadership class for high school students and a lifeskills class for middle school girls. We also offer an endless range of classes that cover topics relating to health, career preparation, self esteem and more, which are all taught based on Biblical principles. If you are interested in offering one of these classes in your school, club, church, or other group, click on the button below.