You've Got Choices, So Now What? — Adoption


by Mandy Hall, VP of Operations, Phoenix

Why choose us to help walk you through thinking about adoption?  Adoption isn’t what it used to be and we want to share with you how it’s changed and what to expect.  We have walked with women through their pregnancies and through the ups and downs of emotions that come with adoption.  Many women see themselves as failures if they choose this option.  In fact, many find it easier to choose to terminate the pregnancy, rather than give up their child.  We understand why you would think that.  However, we have found that the exact opposite is true.  The security of adoption repeatedly outweighs the side effects of abortion.  We know from firsthand experience with clients and we only work with open adoptions.  YOU get to pick your child’s adoptive parents, YOU get to stay involved in their life if you want to.  Open adoption is a beautiful thing because it minimizes room for open-ended questions in your life, in the child’s life and the adoptive parent’s life.  We recently had a maternity home resident choose adoption for her baby girl.  It wasn’t an easy choice by any means.  It was very hard, but she found it to be the right one.  She continues to enjoy her child’s company and has been taken into the folds of the adoptive family.  Some women do not wish to be that involved after adoption and that is okay.  Sometimes knowing your baby is happy and healthy is enough.  We are here to help you before and after adoption.