Empowering Parents


by Jessica Davis, VP of Operations, White Mountains

Our Earn-While-You-Learn curriculum is outstanding and has proven itself again and again.  For parents who want to improve their parenting style, they can find the tools they need at Living Hope Centers.

Real Life Success Stories

We have a client who worked very hard to complete the Boundaries with Kids series - all 17 classes- before her court date.  She is fighting to regain custody of her little boy.  She talks all the time about how much her parenting skills have improved. Now after learning this information, she is parenting completely differently. After she finished Boundaries with Kids, she asked if she could take more parenting classes, plus she was interested in taking the original Boundaries class for herself. For the better part of a year, she has been coming in regularly to take these classes.  This morning, her caseworker called for an update.  With the client's signed permission, her Client Advocate gave the caseworker all this information.  Naturally, she was pleased to hear it and shared that our client's son should be placed in her home by the end of this month.


A single dad seemed defeated when he walked in our doors. He didn’t have an appointment and said he was referred to us by his home church. During his intake, he explained that he had just been given full custody of his almost four year old son and that he needed lots of help learning parenting skills. The Parenting Educator got him started on...you guessed it… Boundaries with Kids.  While he was watching the dvd, his little boy started testing him.  He applied what he was in the process of learning during that short class and was thrilled and astonished when it actually worked. After celebrating the win with him, his Parenting Educator explained that this was only the first of many classes, and that he will learn a lot of new skills and parenting tips.  After just the first class, he had new found hope that he will flourish in this role of dad.

We had a client come in for classes who is getting ready to adopt a baby. She was very excited to tell us about the baby and also very eager to learn more about parenting. It was rewarding to know we were helping her by providing these classes as she prepares to be a brand new mom.

A mom comes in regularly for parenting classes with her two-year-old child.  She is in the middle of the 123 Magic classes.  During class one day, the child misbehaved, doing the exact thing Mom and her Parenting Educator were talking about at that moment.  Mom looked at her worksheet and notes, corrected the child's behavior, and was amazed how well it worked. She said, “This has encouraged me to correct <my child's> misbehavior consistently, every time, because I know I can do it in a loving way that works.”

Any parent can tell you that parenting is not easy! At Living Hope Centers, we have the resources to help every willing parent at whatever stage of parenting- prenatal through teenagers. We rave about their effectiveness because we have employed the techniques with our own children and have been blessed with the results.