You've Got Choices, So Now What? — Parenting


by Mandy Hall, VP of Operations, Phoenix

Why choose us to help you walk through parenting?  If you have decided to parent your child, we are here for you!  We provide Earn-While-You-Learn classes on parenting, finances, boundaries, and the list goes on.  You can earn boutique bucks to spend at our store to get what you need for you and your baby.  We have resources on partners that can help with your kids while you work or go to school.  We can even provide a safe place for you to live and employment through and after your pregnancy (given vacancy), if you are lacking a supportive community.  We help you build your resume, find more permanent employment, a place to live, build a financial nest egg, finish your education, buy a vehicle and furnish your new place of residence.  We aren’t going to tell you that parenting is easy; it’s not, but it is rewarding!  It is life-changing, but it is NOT life-ending!  Honestly, we believe ANYONE who has children needs community and support and that is why we are here.  As parents, we all learn and grow as we experience what it means to be a good mom or dad.  Speaking of dads, we also offer fatherhood classes for those who want to learn how to be there for their kids.  Some of us lack good examples of what parenting looks like and we would love to teach you what we know.  Knowledge is power and you deserve to be empowered!