Why Opt For The Free Ultrasound?


by Jessica Davis, VP of Operations, White Mountains

Recently, our Ultrasound Director Diane shared an experience she had with a client in the ultrasound room.  “Jane” came to LHC for a pregnancy test and upon the positive finding she was scheduled for a limited obstetrical ultrasound with us.  

Individualized Care

During the intake process and conversation about this appointment, Diane found that the client “Jane “ had experienced at least one miscarriage and two abortions in her past. Being sensitive to that history and how seeing this pregnancy on the monitor might affect her, Diane asked if she knew how far along gestationally she was at the time of her miscarriage and abortions. “Jane” believed one was somewhere between six and eight weeks and the others were at 10 weeks. The reason for asking was that ”Jane” also shared that in all cases she had not seen any of the pregnancies by ultrasound. She miscarried before an ultrasound could be scheduled and was not permitted, had she been so inclined, to see the ultrasound monitor at the time of the abortions.

Sensitive Consideration

Diane spoke with “Jane” about the possibility that the baby seen today could be the same gestational age as one of the other pregnancies, and this may cause her to experience some overwhelming emotions. As the ultrasound study proceeded, Diane found her to be about 8 ½ weeks along in a viable pregnancy. “Jane” told Diane that she understood and confirmed that she really wanted to see this time. Slowly, Diane turned the monitor towards “Jane”. As “Jane” took in the images, Diane explained what she was seeing.

Client-Driven Education

After the ultrasound study “Jane” had questions about fetal development and so Diane took the time to discuss this and show her our fetal models. As they looked and talked about the eight, nine and ten week models, Diane answered every question “Jane” asked. During this discussion, Diane noticed tears in “Jane’s” eyes.

Judgement-free Zone

At that point, Diane briefly discussed whether or not she would like to talk with someone about post-abortion healing.  She explained the class, like all our services, are free and that the curriculum we follow is only taught by a trained Client Advocate who themselves have experienced and healed from one or more abortions. “Jane” thanked Diane for our services and for taking the time to thoughtfully consider how all this information could possibly impact her emotionally.

When you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, you deserve a pressure-free place to consider all your options. A trained Client Advocate will ask you many questions in order to provide individualized coaching that best suits your unique situation. We have tools and resources to fully equip you to make the most informed decision regarding this pregnancy and to give you the best possible outcome with whichever decision you make.