How to Be Ready When It's Time to Bring Your Baby Home


By Daisy Jones, Safest Baby

All sorts of wonderful emotions fill your heart when you’re becoming a mom or dad for the first time. It’s amazing, miraculous, exciting, jubilant, and sweet — and yet terrifying. A new little life is going to depend on you, and you want everything to be perfect, so there are moments when the prospect is entirely overwhelming. By making some preparations in your home and lifestyle, you can feel more at ease when you bring home that little bundle of joy.

Consider your comfort

Your own needs are probably not at the forefront of your mind, but by keeping yourself healthy and comfortable, you’ll have more energy to devote to your baby. Psychology Today notes new moms can be especially vulnerable to getting run down, so start relying on a strong self-care regimen ahead of your baby’s birth. By tending your need for relaxation, rest, exercise, and even time with friends, you will have the patience and energy your infant requires.

Mind over matter

An often overlooked tool for preparing new mothers is meditation. It’s a chance to settle your mind and let go of stress and anxiety. You can add a meditation app to your phone, which makes it easy to take a timeout whenever it’s convenient. By starting this practice before the baby comes, you’ll be better able to manage some of the stresses that come with newborns. More importantly, don’t underestimate the power of prayer. Your quiet time can be spent strengthening your relationship with God, which can help you overcome many of the worries and concerns you may have as a first time parent.

Comfortable and confident

When thinking through your comfort and wellness, consider wardrobe selections that will be beneficial when you’re pregnant and when you bring home your baby. Momtastic notes some styles can be particularly flattering as well as comfortable for your postpartum body, which is a time when many moms’ self-image is vulnerable. Stretchy leggings, boho tops, and tunics can have you looking and feeling your best.

Also remember your undergarments as your body recovers from delivery. For instance, supportive underwear will be a must, especially if you have a C-section. Nursing bras are also a must-have for breastfeeding moms, and you can even find attractive and supportive nursing sports bras that offer comfort and easy access.

Learn and grow

You might think parenting will come naturally, but many people benefit from parenting classes. Professional guidance can help you learn about things like the birthing process, how to bond with your little one, and how to deal with the toddler years. It’s a great confidence booster for new moms and dads. Living Hope Centers offers many programs, and you can sign up online.

Prep a soft landing

With your mind and body prepared for your little one, you’re ready to set up a soft spot for your baby to land at home. Give your house a thorough cleaning, ridding it of dirt, allergens, and toxins. You can use this checklist to ensure you don’t miss any critical points. You also might want to get a headstart on baby-proofing your home. Granted, you have some time before your baby is mobile, but those months will be here before you know it.

Free up your fridge

When it comes to baby prep, an often overlooked area of concern is the refrigerator. For your own convenience, clear some space right before your baby’s arrival. Clean and sanitize your refrigerator, making room for breast milk or formula, as well as casseroles and other goodies friends and family will drop off when they come to meet your bundle of joy.

Embrace tech tools

There is some gadgetry available that can make life for new parents far easier. You might want to consider adding some smart lights in your nursery to help your baby sleep. There are also some terrific apps that help streamline a variety of parenting duties, like staying on top of your baby’s schedule, singing your little one to sleep, tracking how much your baby is consuming, and monitoring your baby.

Having a baby is the beginning of an amazing journey, but it can also be pretty scary. There are several things you can do to set yourself up for success and put your mind at ease. Consider your health and comfort, and prepare your home for your little one’s arrival. As overwhelming as it may seem at times, with a few proactive measures, you’ll be ready when you bring your baby home.