Do You Like to Hold Newborn Babies?

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Dear Friends,

The long-awaited TWINS arrived Monday, September 25 via a scheduled cesarean birth.

Dainty Penelope was born first, weighing in at 6 lbs 6 oz. Next, Dr. Connelly pulled out one little kicking leg and Joey followed- all 7 lbs 3 oz of him. The entire procedure went perfectly and everyone was allowed to come home on Thursday, September 28.

So now the real fun begins!    

Davee is recovering from said c-section and has two babies needing around-the-clockcare. Do you have a few hours during the day where you could come rock babies while their mama takes a shower and a nap? Do you have the opportunity to come stay overnight and allow Bridgett, Hope House Mom, a chance to sleep?

If so, please give Bridgett a call on the "mommy phone"... our version of the Bat Phone and she will put you on the schedule. 

You can also send an email to:

Thank you for your continued support and prayers! 

Jessica Davis
Director of Development
Living Hope Centers

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So far, we have received $25,165! Halfway there...

Thank you!