YOU are part of this miracle!

Dear Friends,


September 10th is a day we will never forget.


You might be thinking right now that I got the day wrong, that I should have typed September 11th.  I understand.  As a nation, September 11th is etched forever on our hearts and we will never forget that day.  However, it's not a typo.


September 10th, 2014 started out like any other day.  Arrive at the pregnancy center.  Devotions and prayer.  Change the sign from "closed" to "open". 


It was business as usual when a young Hispanic girl walked in with her mother.  She didn't have an appointment but asked if she could get a free pregnancy test and ultrasound.  You see, her pregnancy was unplanned and she needed to have a pregnancy verification form to take to Phoenix to obtain an abortion.  The price for the abortion procedure depends on the gestational age of the baby.  During the intake process she stated "my boyfriend and I are neither one ready to be parents."   Our client advocate tried unsuccessfully to open other options for this young mom while the rest of our team prayed.  


They moved from the pregnancy test room to the ultrasound room where our technician prepared our most powerful tool - a window to the womb.  Much of the time, 90% in fact, moms begin to bond with the child the moment they see that tiny baby on the screen.  This is the point where most moms change their minds.  We were all in for a surprise when there wasn't one tiny baby on the screen but two.  Ten and a half week old twins!  


The young mother, upon seeing the screen, said in a emotionless voice "now it's doubly sad".  With her parents fully supporting her abortion decision, she planned to keep her appointment in Phoenix on thatFriday - two days away.  She left with her verification form in her hand.


After she left, several of our team members began to cry.  We gathered together and prayed.  We have prayed for her ever since - hoping she changed her mind but having no evidence that she might.  It is always heartbreaking when a young lady leaves our center still abortion minded.


But God.  Have you heard that preached before?


Sarah was barren but God...  


Sin separated us but God...


Joseph was sold into slavery but God...


Saul persecuted Christians but God...


Twins had an appointment with death but God...


This week our ultrasound director received a phone call from this young mom who confirmed that she did not keep that abortion appointment and that she is carrying twin boys!  Texts and phone calls were zipping around like lightening as we shared this good news with our staff.


Diane encouraged this mom to come back into the center for classes and will follow up with her now that she has permission.  She told me "praise God these babies lives were not ended by the abortionist.  Now, we must breathe life into this family."


YOU are part of this miracle by supporting Living Hope Women's Centers.   




Lynnette Carter

CEO, Living Hope Women's Centers

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