Declaration for Life

After Abby Johnson shared her testimony of sitting in church the week before and the week after both of her abortions at our annual fundraising banquet last year, a local pastor went home grieved. He started gathering information on the number of abortions performed on the women in his town, county and state. He was surprised at how prevalent abortion is even in our rural, conservative area.

Armed with these sad statistics, he started calling on pastors and church leaders from every denomination and asking them to consider how the church could band together to support life. They began to meet, discuss the problem and pray. As a result, this Declaration for Life was published in our local papers on Friday - signed by many of Springerville’s pastors and church leaders. These leaders intend to publish this Declaration for several weeks straight and preach a unified message in each of their pulpits - life is precious and worth defending with our words, actions and finances.

Living Hope Women’s Centers is grateful to be one of the laborers working to change our world to a culture of life.

Lynnette Carter

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