We have our Full day License!

Dear Friends,

We have our full day license! It is so exciting to know that we will soon make it possible for young mothers to make money while earning a degree. The rooms are almost ready, interviews are being scheduled, advertisements for the newspaper are arranged and every door direct mailings are at the printers. There is just one final thing . . .

We need some help making Living Hope Childhood Enrichment Center’s playground a fun, safe and educational place for children. We are looking for:

Railroad ties to make a sand box, flower beds and vegetable garden
Old tractor tires for planters
Old tires of any size for an obstacle course
A playhouse or climbing structure
A metal awning or carport that we could put our picnic table under
Plants and seeds - flowers, vegetables, etc.
A somewhat mature tree that could handle transplanting

If you can donate one of these items or are willing to purchase a load or two of sand, please let us know by calling 928-333-0597 or emailing kim@livinghopecenters.org. .
Thank you!