A tale of two Nancy's

Today is the last day of the Phoenix 40 Days for Life Campaign in Phoenix, Arizona. Our first story is of Nancy Brady who is the Campaign Director and schedules the campaign each year. She dedicates an enormous amount of time and energy - making sure that there is someone praying 24 hours a day in front of the late term abortion facility. Last Friday we joined her.

Why do we load up and drive three, four, and even five hours respectively (depending on the city we live in) to pray for two hours in front of abortion facilities? The reason is simple: we know that women from our communities are having abortions here and we want to contribute to the effort to stop this horrific practice.

At times we look at our statistics and wonder if we are doing enough to reach abortion vulnerable women. Especially in Whiteriver where most women declare themselves “likely to carry”. Our hearts are often heavy that we are only open two days a week there. How many scared, vulnerable women are we missing?

And that takes us to the story of Nancy number 2. Nancy Bradt is rolling the race in front of this abortion facility every single Wednesday. She takes our cards and brochures with her just in case. Last month, she was able to help two Whiteriver women make the decision to walk away from their abortion appointments and carry their babies home!

Yes, we must find a way to open our doors more days. Yes, we are missing opportunities to share the love of Christ with many women in desperate situations.

Please help us pray for wisdom, creative ideas, volunteers and resources. Together, we will build a wall of hope that scared, confused women can shelter behind and choose life.