The generous man will be prosperous, And he who waters will himself be watered. Proverbs 11:25

We at Living hope have the privilege to affect the lives of many people and their families.
If we change the heart of one mother or father we will surely change a generation. Since I have been here at Living Hope I have seen and learned many things that have opened my eyes and changed my heart.
Most often people want to hear stories about our clients, but the truth is we have our own stories too. In my short time here at LHWC I have experienced grace, love that covers a multitude of sin, relationship, compassion, and mercy.
There has been healing in my own heart, when I really didn't know there was a hurt to begin with. Even the parenting classes I teach have helped me with my grandson, Cody. I keep saying, "I wish I knew this when my kids were growing up".

To name only a few things to impact me:
• observing spiritual growth in a mother who hungers and thirsts for righteousness - requesting a bible study so she can learn more
• witnessing a heart change in a mother who was leaning towards an abortion - making a decision to parent her unborn child after having an ultrasound at our center
• encouraging a mother who discovered her teenage daughter is pregnant - getting to witness her heart soften as she embraces her role as Grandmother and
• hearing the excited voice of a father who can't wait to kiss the face of his unborn child

There are many others stories I can tell you but the one I tell you now is my own.
~D’Anne Boswell, Show Low Center Director

When you choose to take your place on our Wall of Hope, you will not only be working with us to end abortion completely, you will discover things about yourself that you have never known before. To begin this incredible journey with us visit