Happy 4th!

Happy Independence Day from Living Hope Women’s Centers!

This is a special holiday for all of us; but, for one of our clients it is even more precious. Do you remember reading about the young man who came to us to learn how to be a parent while he waited for the paternity test results? In case you missed that Life Report, Andrew Jones was contacted by the Arizona Department of Child Safety (DCS) who had taken emergency custody of a baby girl. Her mother had not told Andrew about her birth and he had never seen her.

Andrew came to our center to take parenting classes, nutrition classes and to learn as much as he could to be a good parent to his daughter. Each week he turned in his classwork and homework to his DCS worker. Andrew states that he is thankful for the “personal conversations, prayer and support from my client advocate at Living Hope Women’s Centers.” He is grateful that his client advocate kept in mind his goal of obtaining custody of his daughter and helped him reach that goal.

You see, Andrew and Dixie Rose are spending this Independence Day together for the first time.

After months of classes, hearings, and supervised visits, Andrew has full custody of his sweet baby girl and Dixie Rose has a safe, healthy home.

We are grateful that God allowed us to be part of their Life Story.