They always come home

We used to listen to a CD that had a song called They Always Come Home, and lately I have had these lyrics stuck in my head: 'they always wander home".   Former residents come over for dinner now and then.  They stop by to chat.  They call when they need to talk something over.  They check on the new residents and their progress.

We also have the joy of having our former residents come "home” for Christmas and ring in the New Year  playing games and hanging out.  We are just like a regular family. We CRAM around the table - thank God for the multi-leaf table someone donated and the 'extra' table we were given this last year for an extended dining table!  At Christmas we had 17 people for a sit-down turkey dinner where both tables were completely filled.  It was so much fun to work together in the kitchen with my girls. When we sat down to eat, Ken and I looked down the tables and were reminded that God places the solitary in families and gives the desolate a home in which to dwell; (Psalm 68:6a Amplified Bible).  Residents arrive at Hope House alone, desolate, homeless.  They leave as part of the family of God with a home that is forever theirs and a heritage that is unmatched.  

My mom and dad were here this year from Kentucky. I took time to give honor to them for all the love, nurture and Godly example I received in our home and how that is being passed to this new family. Isn’t it wonderful that these new little families will pass the same love, nurture and Godly example down to their children and their grandchildren? Our residents and former residents understand that just by being a member of a loving family who honors God, we are changing the world together.

Peggie Balcom, Hope House Mother

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