Hope for Students

Living Hope Women’s Centers has always considered reaching students with the pro-life message a high priority.  We interact with the local schools, providing students with information on the risk of sexual exposure, sexually transmitted diseases and making good choices for the future.  Each year we bring local church youth groups Encompass - an abstinence curriculum that engages and empowers students.  Two years ago we hosted Voices for the Voiceless, a student group out of Phoenix that wants to be the generation to end abortion.  From that event, Counter Culture was born.  Counter Culture is a local student led group that works diligently to bring the pro-life message to their peers.


Prevention, protection and promise is our hope for our students.  This makes marketing our pregnancy centers services a little tricky!  We don’t ever want to encourage students to make risky decisions; however, we know this does happen.  How do we reach those students who suspect they may be pregnant?  


Our answer was to create a 30 second commercial targeting students.  We created a QR code that students can scan with their smart phones off Idle Time advertisements in practically every public bathroom in Show Low. We put this QR code on seat cushions that the high school booster clubs sells to make money.  In addition, we were able to negotiate a deal with local theatres to play our commercial before every single PG, PG-13 and R rated movie for a year.  We know how many hits our QR code generates but we weren’t sure if students were actually seeing the commercial at the theatres.

My husband recently took me to the movie on our date night.  We walked into the theatre just as “Are You Sure?” began to play on the enormous screen.  I stopped in my tracks.  As the commercial played, I saw three entire rows filled with students all poking each other, laughing and making fun of the commercial.  An adult couple right in front of me made a disparaging remark about “those anti-choice people”.  I didn’t care though.  I was jumping up and down with excitement!    Students are learning that there is a safe place to go for help if they or a friend ever needs it.  

We are unloading a truck filled with merchandise at Hopeful Treasures Resale Boutique on Monday, March 2 from 8:00 to 10:00 am.  Come help us unload the truck, meet our staff and join our short staff meeting.  We have a very special speaker, founder Dinah Monahan!  And, we always have great food!   You will bless us and we will bless you!