Pray to end abortion


40 Days for Life is a peaceful pro-life movement that began in a small Texas town and spread like wildfire around the world.  As a result, thousands of babies have been saved, abortion facilities have closed forever and abortion workers have left their jobs to join the “enemy”. 

Join the staff of Living Hope Women’s Centers tomorrow, Saturday - March 14th from 10:00 am - Noon, as we take our turn praying outside of Family Planning Associates at 1331 North 7th Street #225 in Phoenix, Arizona.

“Our culture wants to normalize abortion, but it can’t.  Abortion is one of the most common surgical procedures in the United States, carried out nearly 3,300 times every single day.  And despite how frequently it happens, we still can’t talk about it.  Like no other issue, abortion bothers people on all sides of the argument.”   - 40 Days for Life

Maybe you cannot sidewalk counsel.  Perhaps you don’t feel comfortable teaching a parenting class.  It may seem too difficult to present life-affirming options to someone in an unplanned pregnancy.  You may work a full time job and cannot volunteer on a regular basis.  No matter.  Prayer is our most powerful weapon and this one thing I know - you can pray. 

Please join us and watch God answer. will give you more information.