Double Blessing

Last weekend members of Scottsdale Bible Church, North Bible Church and Christ Church Lutheran donated gently used or new items to our ministry.  We filled up two 26’ U-haul trailers, the passenger seats and floorboards and my entire Honda Pilot with amazing treasures.  We even received several boxes of citrus fruits to share with our staff and clients.  It was truly wonderful how much we were blessed.

We unloaded the vehicles and processed everything on Monday and Tuesday.  Our three centers were able to fill their Baby Boutiques with handmade quilts, diapers, formula, furniture, baby clothes and maternity clothes.  Hopeful Treasures Resale Boutique made $3,520.00 the first day we opened after stocking the store.  That this happens each and every time we have a collection from Scottsdale?  Amazing!

This collection was a double blessing.  You see, one of our precious Hope House residents recently was granted housing in Whiteriver after a five year wait.  She had to take advantage of it even though she really had no furniture.  She and her boys were sleeping on a mattress on the floor.  That was their only furnishing.  On Tuesday, a crew from Hopeful Treasures Resale Boutique completely furnished her home.  Fayette came home from work to find her home furnished, bed made with a beautiful set of sheets and comforter, pictures hung, pots and pans in the cabinets and even a toy box full of toys for the boys.  That we can completely furnish a home and still have a store chock-full of wonderful items?  Priceless!

Another generous donor gave us a used vehicle so we were able to bless Fayette with a vehicle to get back and forth to work.  Where she once was struggling, she now is on a firm path to independence.  She has a home, car and support system.  Her gratefulness to God shines through in her conversations and actions.

If you have ever wondered if the things you donate to this ministry really make a difference, the answer is absolutely YES.  Thank you for giving to the Lord.