This short letter will touch your heart

Dear Friend,

The recent "I AM LIVING HOPE" banquet inspired Hannah to give her support, give her abilities and tell others to choose life and choose Jesus.  She heard that we are "so devoted to saving physical and spiritual lives" even though we did not use those words.  The reality of Living Hope Centers filled her with "overwhelming joy and inspiration".  Included with her letter was her sacrificial gift of $25.00 in crumpled bills that obviously came from her piggy bank.  

Hannah's letter was proof that Heavenly Father answered our team's prayer.  We stood together and specifically prayed that banquet attendees would be INSPIRED. Isn't God good to let us know that He heard us! I trust that you were inspired at one of our banquets; but, if you weren't able to attend, we hope Hannah's letter will inspire you to also:


  • Did you know that you can tell your taxes where to go?  All you have to do is donate to Living Hope Centers today and then claim the donation on your taxes. You will receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit for up to $400 if you are a single filer or up to $800 if you are a couple. In other words, if you donate $200 to Living Hope Centers, you’ll reduce your state taxes by $200. If you donate $50 to Living Hope Centers, you’ll reduce your state taxes by $50. See the pattern? This is a great way to reduce your taxes and be part of the solution to end abortion and change lives.
  • Bring your gently used items to our semi-truck parked in the back of Scottsdale Bible Church this Saturday (9am to 2pm), or Sunday (7:30am to 1pm).  These items will be sold at Hopeful Treasure Resale Boutique in Show Low to support our life-affirming programs. 


  • We need volunteers at Hopeful Treasures Resale Boutique to help sort donations and place them on the sales floor.  Most of our active volunteers have gone back to sunnier climes!  
  • This Monday (October 17th) we will be unloading a semi- truck full of donations  from Scottsdale at 8:00 am.  Come help us - it only takes a couple of hours and we have donuts!
  • Be a Client Advocate at one of our centers.  We will train you and you will be able to help those in unplanned pregnancies choose life and choose Jesus.  Questions?  Give me a call.

Hannah summed it up really nicely.  We are the only ones who can be living hope because Jesus loved us and saved us from abortion. Please let us know how we inspired you. 

With love,

Lynnette Carter, CEO
(928) 537-9032 x151 office
(928) 245-3271 cell