She's Alive

On her 18th birthday, Tiffany met her birthmother.  (click on photo to see video)


"How do you do it?"

A client advocate from a pregnancy center in California asked me this question.

She was puzzled that we have been so successful in promoting adoption while the pregnancy center she volunteers with has never had a client choose adoption in it's history.  Both organizations offer free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds and help women in unplanned pregnancies sort through their options.  Why are we able to facilitate 40 adoptions while their center has facilitated 0 adoptions?


CULTURE OF LIFE:  Woman Centered

Four weeks ago a 17 year old girl came into one of our centers to date her pregnancy so she could then go to an abortion clinic.  She was terrified of parenting.


After speaking with a client advocate and getting an ultrasound, she left.  She was still abortion minded.  This week she came back into the center asking for a second ultrasound.  She said that during her appointment at the abortion clinic she "just couldn't do it".  She went home and told her 18 year old boyfriend that she was pregnant and he was "stoked about being a dad".  

Knowing that the thought of parenting terrified her, we talked to her about adoption.  Our client was certain that her boyfriend would not agree to an adoption plan. We assured her that she had time to make a decision, that we would support her in any decision she made, and that no one could force her to do anything she was uncomfortable with.  We celebrated her decision to give her baby life!

Did you know that you can tell your taxes where to go?  All you have to do is donate to Living Hope Centers today and then claim the donation on your taxes. You will receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit for up to $400 if you are a single filer or up to $800 if you are a couple.

Lasting Partnerships


I sat in on the client advocate's quarterly training on Tuesday.  David, our Client Services Director, had assigned each advocate a scenario such as client is 29 years old, has a positive pregnancy test, is involved with a married man or client is 15 years old, has a positive pregnancy test, is excited about being a mother.  It was no surprise how often "talk to client about adoption" was part of the conversation.

The adoptive couple in the video above were registered with Christian Family Care.  A lady dropping off her donations at the semi truck at Scottsdale Bible Church last Saturday introduced me to her 15 year old - also adopted because of the partnership between Christian Family Care and Living Hope Centers.  

Much like Paul admonished Timothy "O Timothy, guard and keep the deposit entrusted [to you]!"
(1 Timothy 6:20 Amplified Bible), Dinah Monahan entrusted Kimberley Hash with the ministry of Living Hope Centers who, in turn, entrusted it to me.

Adoption is a beautiful, responsible and mature parenting plan.  When you know this, it's easy to make - and keep - adoption as an important part of your culture of life!