A Place for Hope


Recently I taught a parenting class at the theCHURCH ReCenter office. The six-week class so encouraged and empowered the parents that we added additional classes on Leadership in Parenting. Such was the impact in their life over the last couple of months that I felt it important they not walk away feeling that had to be in a class to find wisdom and support for their families. I recommended they read the book of JOB. I explained that in this book they will learn how God see's and already knows all their  past, current and future struggles. I told these parents that in Job the they could read about a parent who did everything "right" - everything a father could do for his family - and yet, everything went wrong in the worst way possible. They would read about how some times friends or even family can misjudge or talk about us. How he felt the need to defend himself as we often do when we're in similar circumstances. Yet, he probably felt as if no matter how he tried to explain himself he still felt misjudged like we do.  After all, people tend to look at our struggles as evidence of fault.  I explained I wouldn't tell them how it ends because I wanted them to read it and know that no matter what happens, God already knows about it.

One mother raised her hand and asked where she could get this book of Job. I informed her it was a book in the Bible.  I asked to see a raise of hands if they didn't have a Bible at home and would like one to read. Every parent raised their hand.

We live in a time and place where Christians don't suffer from want of Bibles but make little commitment to read it daily with desire and passion. It was a blessing to not just give Bibles away but to see such eagerness to read it as a source of wisdom and solutions for their lives. I imagined it was the same feeling those missionaries get - you know - the ones who sneak Bibles into communist countries and the people there have a hunger to learn about the God we talk about as Savior.

I'm convinced Living Hope will continuously be used by the Lord, not just for the good works and services we provided to the community, but because we preach the only hope that is in Jesus Christ.

David Z. Montes

Client Care Director

Praises and Prayer Requests

Staff and volunteers at the Whiteriver Living Hope Center have had a very discouraging and dismal month due to four separate incidents of breaking and entering into the facility and the theft of much needed equipment. However, we were blessed to have the immediate assistance of Pastor Pete of
the Apache Christian Church, who provided tools/equipment and repaired the fence and damaged windows. Additionally, work is still  in process to burglar proof the windows. The police also have shown concern by patrolling the area after hours and investigating reports.  Pastor Scott of Regeneration Ministries and his team, as well as many of you have intervened with prayers regarding this situation. Jerry and Jill Tinkel are paying for the installation of an alarm system.  This ministry is of the Lord Jesus Christ and we firmly believe He will see it through.  
              - Linda

Please keep Naomi Colelay in your prayers.  Her pregnancy was unexpected and has been difficult.  We appreciate your prayers for a healthy baby, a normal delivery and her financial needs to be covered. - Lynnette


Did you know that you can tell your taxes where to go?  All you have to do is donate to Living Hope Centers today and then claim the donation on your taxes. You will receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit for up to $400 if you are a single filer or up to $800 if you are a couple.

Lasting Legacy of Hope

A teen client came in today with her mom for Earn-While-You-Learn classes after being away from us for almost a year.  Several times, she said "I love this place."  She said Living Hope helped her so much during her pregnancy and especially while struggling to breastfeed.  

Her mom said she came to Living Hope for a pregnancy test 18 years ago, and that's when she found out she was pregnant with her daughter, our client.  And now she is here taking parenting classes alongside her daughter!  -  Sherri


Client "C" came in with her kiddos for the Earn-While-You-Learn class Boundaries with Kids Session 4. She is doing really well with her English: writing, reading and comprehension. I praised her for doing such an excellent job and told her how proud and impressed I am with her.  It's obvious how hard she is working to learn English. Her oldest daughter is writing Bible verses on a separate piece of paper for homework along with her mother.  She is hiding God's Word in her heart for when she is older.  - Chris