Born at 33 Weeks

Help us welcome Naomi and Willard Colelay's newest arrival:  Willard, Jr!  He was in a hurry to arrive; this is the fourth time Naomi headed to the hospital with contractions and the second time she was flown to Banner Hospital in Phoenix.

Our little love is only 4 lbs. 15 oz. but he is doing well.  He had to be delivered via c-section but Naomi is also doing well.  Please keep both mom and baby in your prayers for continued health and quick recovery.

It will be difficult on this family financially due to the surgery and the extra time off work.  Naomi has been a wonderful and faithful employee at our Whiteriver Center for many years.  If you can make a donation to help us cover her salary for a few extra weeks, it would really bless her.  Just click here to make a donation.

Did you know that you can tell your taxes where to go?  All you have to do is donate to Living Hope Centers today and then claim the donation on your taxes. You will receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit for up to $400 if you are a single filer or up to $800 if you are a couple.