We are Living Hope to those in prison.

The first time I met Taylor, it was 7:30 p.m. and Ken and I were waiting at the gate for her to walk out of the Holbrook jail.  Drug Court had contacted us about "a pregnant female inmate" that was a good candidate for their program, if she would be in our program. Our last Drug Court resident had been very successful, and we love her and her little one dearly. Now we begin again. Taylor was so cheerful and almost giddy about finally getting out of jail. She was very glad to be out of the orange jumpsuit she had to wear for 50 days.

She has been with us a month now and she and the other residents get along so well. She loves church, she loves her classes at the Center, and she even likes working at the boutique, even though she is really at the heavy end of her pregnancy.

She is anxious about so many things - being sober and facing motherhood brings many concerns that she has not yet faced. The other day I wrote out some of Philippians 4 for her, about not being anxious, and rejoicing always.  Taylor was so grateful for these words of encouragement.   I wrote it for myself, too, as there are always things we could worry about here at Hope House. Later that evening I saw written on her whiteboard "Peter 5:8".  WOW! That was another verse I had looked at that morning.  We found I Peter 5:5-10 in her little Bible and read it together in her room. It talks about giving our anxieties to God because he cares for us, AND about being sober-minded, resisting the devil, and how after suffering we will be restored, confirmed, strengthened, and established. Taylor has come for all of these things, and she knows it.

This is a good journey, and a great blessing for us.

By Peggy Balcom

Hope House Mom

We have just purchased a building where we can combine Hopeful Treasures Resale Boutique and our Show Low Center.  Can you help us renovate so that our Hope House residents have one place to go for job training, parenting education, life coaching and the positive, loving atmosphere they so desperately need to succeed?

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