The Unexpected Miracle

Join me in rejoicing as you read!

 -  from Becky, Client Advocate:  Tuesday nights are typically pretty slow around the Show Low center. On this night a young lady came bouncing into the center asking for a pregnancy test. She seemed very upbeat and excited so I quickly ushered her back for her test. As we sat for her intake I quickly realized she was not as happy as she first seemed. When I asked her the question about what her plans were if her test was positive, she promptly replied, "Abortion. I want an abortion".  Two hours, 3 pamphlets, and 2 intense videos later, I was not able to convince her to schedule an ultrasound appointment.  The next day she called and wanted to come in for an ultrasound and she asked if I could be there. I quickly headed to the center to meet her! After her ultrasound, and a lot of really wonderful conversation with Diane Fritz, she was still very scared and unsure. She was so terribly afraid to disappoint her parents. We encouraged her to come back and see us if she was able. In all honesty, when she left, I had no idea what she was going to choose for this little life. Two weeks to the day later, this young lady came walking into our center, confident and excited to show us her ultrasound pictures! She has chosen LIFE, to parent this baby! She finally told her mother, who was disappointed but also relieved that my client did not choose abortion. She said she is excited to come start Earn-While-You-Learn, and she is even hoping to get the baby's father to come to class too.

Praise God for another baby rescued from death and another mom saved from the trauma of abortion!

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Please continue to pray for our remodel and move in Show Low.  We still need to raise $14,600 for the roof and $25,000 for the renovation.  Text BUILDHT to 71777 to donate!

In next week's Life Report, you will see totals from the recent Baby Bottle Drive and find out which church gets to display the Champion Banner this year!  Also, you will read a report on progress of the Phoenix Center!


The Scottsdale Truck Collection schedule for May 14-15 is cancelled.

Due to difficulties securing a semi and the remodeling taking place at Hopeful Treasures, we have decided to cancel the boutique collection for May 14-15.  If you have stored items that you still want to donate, please contact Reby Rutherford at 602-920-9073.  We will bring up our new box truck several times between now and October to collect your donations.