Life Report:  Celebrating Mothers

Dear Friends,

Today we celebrate Mothers.
         Tomorrow we celebrate Mothers.
                      At Living Hope Centers, every day we celebrate Mothers!  

I know you are all wondering how things are going at the new Phoenix location.  We started seeing clients on February 1st in a temporary office graciously supplied by our sister organization,  Hope Women's Centers.  With zero advertising and limited hours available, Sherri has performed over 120 pregnancy tests and referred 91 clients to Hope Women's Centers for education and material resources.

I received this email from Sherri just a few days ago:  

A client came in today for a pregnancy test.  She said "I am a recovering drug addict but am no longer homeless". As I listened to her story, I learned that  she is back in church and desperately wants to be more Christ-like.  She just doesn't know how.  I shared resources to help her stop smoking (ASHline coach), and referred her to one of our friends at Hope Women's Centers who can help with her DCS case and meth recovery.  She broke down in tears and said she's been praying for someone who can guide her to the help she's been looking for. 

Praise God for resources we can pass on!

Many of our new clients in Phoenix only speak Spanish.  Regardless of your political beliefs on immigration, please understand that there are desperate women in our cities trying to navigate a system that is completely foreign and frightening.  We are proud to be a safe harbor for these precious people.  

Demolition has begun at the new location (1640 E. McDowell)
with a tentative move-in date of July 1st!

Please consider volunteering a few hours a week at one of our centers.  As you refresh others, the Bible says you will be refreshed!  Call, email or drop by - we will schedule you into an orientation to learn all the ways you can be of service.

Happy Mother's Day,

Lynnette Carter
(928) 537-9032 x151