Life Report:  It's A Wrap!

Dear Friends,

Happy Friday!  I pray that this email finds you well and blessed by the hand of God!

We at Living Hope Centers are ecstatic to report that we have purchased a good quality, used box truck for Hopeful Treasures Resale Boutique.  It's even more exciting to tell you that it is already paying for itself!  In the first week of owning the vehicle, we picked up a beautiful bedroom suite that sold the next day for $1,100.00 and a gorgeous armoire that sold immediately for $400.00.  These larger sales help us fund our housing and job training programs at Hope House Maternity Home.  We are now equipped to pick up donations from friends all over the mountain.  We will also utilize this vehicle during our bountiful Scottsdale Truck Collections instead of renting a U-haul for the overflow.

Pictured above is a proof of an advertising wrap we plan to install in the near future.  We have added our website address and the colors are a bit off from true but you can see that the finished productwill be an eye-catching, mobile billboard!  

This wrap will cost $2,099.47.  If you can help offset the cost of this great form of advertising, please click on  "donate today" at the top left of this email or visit and click on the "Support Us" tab. 

Truckin' for the Lord,

Lynnette Carter
(928) 537-9032 x151