Life Report:  Our STARS shine brightly.

Dear Friends,

The school year is grinding to a close.  Students and teachers alike hear the clock gears groan as they laboriously tick off the minutes until summer vacation.  

One of the remaining bright spots of the 2015-2016 school year in Round Valley is the STARS program provided by Living Hope Centers. The STARS Mentoring Program is a nationally recognized program that uses trained high school mentors to guide middle school students in healthy choices, academic success, healthy relationships, leadership skills and character traits. This program has helped students set and pursue life goals, and avoid risky behaviors such as drugs, alcohol, violence, tobacco, and unhealthy relationships

 The Jr. High School principle told us that STARS was making a huge impact, especially for students who don't plays sports, belong to a dance class, or play music.  It gives these disenfranchised students a safe place to belong and older peer models to help them define and reach goals they otherwise would view as unattainable.

Meagan Crowther, Youth Development Director, writes "Living Hope brought together upper classmen and middle school students in Round Valley to work together in a peer-mentoring program. We started out with 28 mentors and 12 mentees. We end the program this month with 27 mentors and 38 mentees for a total of 65 students! The average STARS program usually has about 20-25 total students, so as you can see we far exceeded the expected numbers for our pilot year."

Meagan is taking some of her high school students to Colorado in June to participate in a leadership conference because STARS has already been approved for the 2016-2017 school year!   We are anticipating an even better outcome for Round Valley students.  In time, we hope to expand to serve the youth in every community where Living Hope Centers has a Pregnancy Resource Center......Show Low/ Blue Ridge, Whiteriver, and Phoenix.

Your donation helps us bring this amazing program to students in your communities.

In His Service,

Lynnette Carter
(928) 537-9032 x151