Life Report: Under Construction

Dear Friends,

It's the perfect time to "do good" and "share your talents" with Living  Hope Centers - summer!

You may have heard that we are moving our Show Low Center into the same building as Hopeful Treasures Resale Boutique.  We are in the home stretch and could use a hand with a few things:

  • Painting trim to get it ready to install
  • Leveling a floor in one of the classrooms
  • Installing doors
  • Installing laminate flooring
  • Packing up at the old center
  • Moving

If we had a few guys or girls with experience, we could get this project finished quickly and stop paying rent in two locations!

We also have some needs in Springerville at our Childhood Enrichment Center that would make an excellent service project for your church or organization:

  • Deck needs to be refinished
  • Toddler room needs either an electrical outlet under the sink, or a longer cord for hot water heater under sink. (Issue - extension cord cannot be used with water heater)
  • Infant room - electrical outlet by sink needs to be replaced with GFI outlet
  • Infant room - North door closing mechanism needs to be replaced with one that works properly
  • Preschool Room - cabinet doors and drawers in need of repair
  • Preschool Room - ceramic heater needs to be removed and relocated to other building
  • Preschool Room - big table legs are unstable, possibly not put together correctly -needs to be stabilized
  • Playground - Haul away all the black, unused tires

Any help you could give us would be greatly appreciated!  Please contact me to coordinate your group's project - I will make sure you get fed!


Lynnette Carter
Chief Executive Officer

928-537-9032 x151