Life Report: I need your help.

Dear Friend,

I need your help!

Tomorrow is our annual  Walk for Life and we are woefully short of our goal. 

We must raise $60,000 but we have only raised 3% of that.  I know that some people choose not to raise funds online and will be bringing pledges to registration tomorrow morning.  My concern is that advance registration for this event is down 62%.

It is critical that we reach our goal.

If you are not participating this year for any reason, I humbly ask you to please sponsor me as a walker.  Click here and you will be directed to my FundEasy page where you can click the
Give button to help us.  Any amount you give brings us that much closer to opening a new center, expanding Hope House Maternity Home and taking our youth development program (STARS) onto additional senior and middle school campuses.  Additionally, your support helps us continue to offer hope, options and resources to vulnerable women considering abortion.  Why?  So babies will live.

I would be so grateful for your support. 


Lynnette Carter
Chief Executive Officer
Living Hope Centers
928-537-9032 x151