Life Report: Offering Hope

Dear Friends,

On Monday morning the Supreme Court announced its shocking decision to overturn a 2013 law requiring abortion clinics to meet minimal safety standards in the state of Texas. This decision - which leaves us stunned - will surely have repercussions for other states in the future.  

We grieve for the women who may be exposed to dangerous health risks in the interests of “access” and “choice.”  We shudder to think that abortion rates will again rise.

We will weep and we will pray.  

What we will not do is stop.  Living Hope Centers will continue to provide women with common sense alternatives to abortion.  Read the following excerpt from our Phoenix Center’s weekly report:

A client came in today seeking information on abortion.  She said when she first suspected she was pregnant, she did an online search to find out how to do an abortion at home...  but she told me "It didn't work."  I did a pregnancy test for her and it was positive. believes she caused so much harm to the baby that she "must" abort.  I asked her if she would be willing to have an ultrasound before making a decision…...She gave me permission…...and for a long time she held the fetal model that represented her stage of pregnancy.  She accepted some literature on abortion and we discussed some of it.  I talked about her options for getting prenatal care without insurance… the time she left our office, her demeanor was visibly softer….When she first came in, she believed abortion was her only option and by the time she left, she thanked us for showing her there is hope.

Will you help us continue to offer hope instead of death?  

Give.  Volunteer.  Pray.

Together for Life,

Lynnette Carter
CEO - Living Hope Centers
928-537-9032 x151