Life Report:  To Abort or To Parent - That is Usually The Question

Dear Friends,

Becky, a volunteer client advocate in Show Low, told me that this week she had a client come in toward the end of the day for a pregnancy test.  When she left, she was still undecided on whether she would parent or abort.  The reason she came to Living Hope Centers in the first place was because her good friend told her how helpful we were during her pregnancy.  The friend explained that even after she had her baby, she took parenting classes and received much needed moral support, help and understanding.  

You see, she wanted to know she would have help if she decides to parent.  The option of adoption - while always presented - is rarely seriously considered by mothers.  At Living Hope Centers, we have been enormously successful in this area, facilitating 39 adoptions in our 19 years of service.  But, to get back to my point, it usually comes down to a decision between abortion and parenting.  

Many in the pro-life movement are saying that pregnancy help centers are straying from their mission to save babies.  The say we should stop offering material assistance and classes to new parents.  I feel differently.  An undecided woman came to us BECAUSE we offer those things.  When we are able to educate a woman on the value of life - beginning with the unborn child in her womb - and she decides to parent that child, she needs support.  We know from years of sitting in rooms waiting for a pregnancy test result that she probably wouldn't be considering abortion if she had a healthy support system.

With  your help, Living Hope Centers will continue to offer Earn-While-You-Learn classes, material assistance and maternity home services.  I was at Hopeful Treasures Resale Boutique where all Hope House residents work.  Farrah, pictured above, was fussy so I asked her mom if I could take her for a little while.  Farrah's mom came to us straight from jail as part of a program to keep her from going to prison.  Without our maternity home to land in, Farrah could have been born in prison.  Instead, she is learning how to take selfies while her momma learns how to be successful in life!

We are a little low in funds right now.  It's summer and not unexpected but if you have a little extra you could give, it would sure help us get through until our next fundraiser.  Or, if you are planning to sponsor a table at one of our banquets - go ahead and do it!  Expenses starts accruing before the event arrives.  And, most importantly, please pray for Becky's client to choose life and return for parenting classes.

We are so grateful for your faithful support. 


Lynnette Carter, CEO
(928) 537-9032 x151

PS....Sign up today to sponsor a table at one of our banquets!  Table sponsors cover the cost of the event allowing all funds raised to go directly to the mission of Living Hope Centers!  

To sponsor a table, CLICK HERE.  You will be directed to an online giving page.  Simply complete the form by giving $200.00 and selecting the banquet you wish to attend:  Show Low, Round Valley or Phoenix.  Once you have done that, we will email you further instructions.

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Hope to see you there!