Fostering Hope in the Life of Adalee

Dear Friends,
Here's another glimpse into life at Hope House as told by Peggie Balcom, Hope House Mom:
It is Thursday, and Adalee comes to our cottage for a little over an hour between the time the bus drops her off and time for her mama to come home from work at the Boutique.  It is not in my job description to babysit, but it is my function to help schedules go smoothly, and this has become a restful time for me. 

Adalee is six years old.  She has been her mama’s one-and-only until the end of September, when Baby Kayden was born.  She is a bright and respectful child. Her mother has trained her well and she knows she is loved.  It still is hard to share attention with an adorable roly-poly baby all day every day.

So this is Adalee and Peggie time.  Ken gets her from the bus stop and I have tea and snacks ready.  I usually am presenting the tea tray as she is coming in the door.  Her look of surprise and delight that first time was priceless.  We have tea, then we play a game, or read a book.  I have a few toys that she likes that stay at our cottage, and we sometimes color in my “Hello Kitty” coloring books.

We talk about the day, and other things too.  This Thursday I told her how my mom would have tea with us.  Adalee likes it the same way my mom made it for me when I was a child - black tea with lots of sugar and milk.  Mom had us put on fancy hats and we learned the queen’s manners.  I told her all about my mom and her sweet and silly ways.  I am passing on these fun things to Adalee. We are making good memories.

Being six passes too quickly.  Somehow I get to enjoy it again with Adalee on Thursday afternoons.

Your generous support and prayers enable Living Hope Centers to defy the negative protests heard all around America that being pro-life means being anti-woman. Not only were we able to save Adalee and Kayden (and countless other babies), but we are able to help Mama thrive in her choice to parent. On top of that, we get to be part of happy childhood memories as well. Thank you for making all this possible. 

Much love,

Lynnette Carter
Chief Executive Officer
Living Hope Centers

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