Fostering Hope in the Broken


He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.  Psalm 147:3


Dear Friends,

A client* came in today to buy newborn diapers and show off her new baby.  She said he was delivered by C-section after 40+ hours of labor.  

She is a long-time client with a difficult background.  She is very protective of her feelings, doesn't share much, and seems very walled off.  In the past, she has come into the Center as an abortion-minded teen, and has had an abortion.  When questioned about it, she said,

"We're not counting that one. It never happened."

She chose life for this most recent pregnancy.  She faithfully came in for weekly classes so she could buy diapers and baby items in the Boutique.  I** commended her for being meticulous and responsible in her preparations.  I gave her all the good things available to her through the Center.  I taught classes, encouraged her, and loved on her when she came in because I sensed that she needed it.  She rarely responded with anything more than "Thank you."  

Little by little, she began answering questions using more than one word.  Sometimes she would use complete sentences.  Sometimes there would be a trace of a smile.  

One day, she came in for a scheduled class and before I closed the door to the classroom, she blurted out, "The doctor wants to induce me next week!"  I was genuinely happy for her!  I asked her all sorts of questions - did she have everything she needed to bring baby home and was she nervous?  She struggled to keep from smiling when she told me she had everything all ready and she was nervous but not scared.  Before she left, she allowed me to pray for her and give her a baby quilt.  I asked her keep me posted on baby's birth so I can celebrate with her.

Today, when she came into the Center, she had a faint smile on her face as she walked right up to my desk and opened the car seat flap so I could meet her new little baby.  After she told me about her long labor and unplanned C-section, I asked her how she likes being a mom.  While gazing down at him, she briefly smiled a real smile and quietly said, "I like it. He's my little cutie."

The transformation in this young lady is remarkable, and hopefully it's just the beginning.  Every day, we are so privileged to watch how God heals brokenness andprovides for the needy through Living Hope.  Only He can heal hearts; we have the honor of being part of that beautiful process.  

*To protect the confidentiality of our clients, I am not using her real name.
**For the same reason, I've eliminated the name of our client advocate and the location where she was served. But for the sake of clarity and flow for the reader, I've adopted this story as my own. 

Much Love,

Lynnette Carter
Chief Executive Officer
Living Hope Centers