Fostering Hope with Hope House

Give justice to the weak and fatherless; maintain the right of the afflicted and destitute. Psalm 82:3

Dear Friends,

Over the past 20 years, YOU have maintained the right of 210 afflicted and destitute pregnant women by supporting Hope House Maternity Home. By funding our centers, you have given justice to 780 babies whose mothers ended up on our door seeking free pregnancy tests and were able to grasp that choosing life was an option for them. Currently, your monthly donations are covering the living expenses of three women - Ashlee, Chelsea and Paw, three children - Mason, Adalee and Kayden and 2 preborn babies.


Ashlee is the mother of Mason who is 17 months old and a baby girl (who, for the record, will be named after me!) due in July. At the age of five, Ashlee's family was devastated by the sudden death of her mother. Her father raised her by himself, but never fully recovered from that loss.

Recently, Ashlee began interning at the Childhood Enrichment Center and completing modules for Early Childhood Development. On March 6, we made the heartbreaking decision that this center must close. Fortunately, one of the teachers was able to take ownership and Springerville did not lose its last remaining public childcare facility. 

As an added blessing, Ashlee was invited to stay on and keep pursuing her dream of earning a degree in a career where she can work with young children.

Last week, Peggie, Ashlee and I were discussing her birthing plan and who she wanted in the room with her when the time came. She broke into a huge grin, clapped her hands to her chest and exclaimed, “ I can't believe how I've gone from NO moms to LOTS of moms!”

Chelsea is the mother of Adalee, 6 years, and Kayden, 4 months. After baby Kayden arrived, Chelsea redoubled her efforts to complete her GED and has been working at Hopeful Treasures Resale Boutique as all the residents do.

She, however, has done so well in this role that management wants to hire her on full-time. She excels at merchandising items that come in and always has a warm smile for each customer that crosses her path.

Sadly, Chelsea's health was severely neglected as a child. Because of this, she must come up with $2,660 to cover the cost of much needed dental work including several extractions and root canals. Ouch! From the beginning, each of our residents are required to save 80% of each paycheck so they can leave Hope House with a vehicle and move into their own residence with an emergency fund intact. This expense is causing her much grief as she knows it will delay her exit strategy.


Finally, we have Paw who is 19 years old and 19 weeks pregnant.

 She has experienced so much heartbreak in her short life and especially needs your fervent prayers. She was born in a Thailand refugee camp and is working through serious issues caused from years of abuse. To divulge any more would be invasive, but suffice it to say we also require God's divine intercession as we navigate this particularly difficult path to healing. Paw is looking forward to finding the ideal family in which to place her baby and has begun pre-adoption counseling.

Since her arrival, the letter magnets on the refrigerator have "magically" transformed themselves into a surprisingly large collection of 'PAW's.


“Nobody knows what a <baby> is worth,

We'll have to wait and see.

But every <person> in a noble place

A <baby> once used to be.”
~Author Unknown

Much love,

Lynnette Carter
Chief Executive Officer
Living Hope Centers