Tomorrow Will be too Late

Dear Friends,

Today is Arizona Gives Day.

And today, I really, really, really want you to donate to us.

There. We got that out of the way. The truth is - I love your support any time, any day- financially, prayerfully, volunteeringly (oh, yes...that is totally a real word.) The thing about donating today through this special link is that your donation could be the one that causes us to receive a portion of their $175,000 in prize money from the Arizona Gives Day Foundation. 

That would buy a lot of diapers! Not to mention providing everything we need for the entire year to continue giving homeless, pregnant women and their children a place to live at Hope House Maternity Home.  We've been sharing stories over the past couple of months from our residents so you can see exactly who your money helps.

We are not an organization that confirms a pregnancy, "pressures" the woman to not commit abortion and then leaves her twisting in the wind once she chooses life. These lies from anti-life supporters make me crazy. 

Every dollar you spend provides substantial help for those in crisis. Because of your giving, we are able to truly offer hope, healing, growth and show God's love to those who have never experienced anything but despair. 

If you cannot give today, that is okay. Please share this message with your friends and that will go a long ways, too.

If you are able to give today, you will receive a receipt. You can claim up to $400 if filing singly and $800 if filing married on your 2016 (if you haven't filed yet) taxes OR your 2017 taxes.  

Thank you for taking the time to read this. We would not be able to do anythingwithout your generosity in all its wonderful forms. 

That link, one more time, is: . 

Much Love,

Lynnette Carter
Chief Executive Officer
Living Hope Centers