Fostering Hope on Mother's Day

Dear Friends,

When some people realize that Mother's Day is approaching, they are filled with thoughts on how to shower their moms with love and the perfect gift. For me, this is no longer a possibility. My mom passed away two years ago, and although I do believe time heals wounds, I'm not sure this feeling of loss will ever completely go away. 

This week, a new arrival to the Hope House Maternity Home helped set my grief aside for a little while. We traveled around 300 miles to pick her up and bring her home. I'm not going to use her name yet, because I want to wait until she is comfortable with the idea. I do want to share her situation

When she reached out to Living Hope, she was staying on the couch of a friend whose good will was running thin. Also, she was twelve weeks pregnant with twins. Up until this point, she tried to self-medicate with meth and other dangerous street drugs to alleviate the symptoms caused by a severe mental disorder. Her family has given up on her completely and the father of the twins grew enraged and dumped her when she would not get an abortion. In what can only be described as a last ditch effort at survival, she applied and was accepted to move into Hope House. Upon her arrival, she looked as defeated and terrified as almost every woman does when they first come to us. 

My team and I rejoiced after meeting her and getting her settled into her room because WE KNOW that this. is. where. her. story. changes. We serve a Heavenly Father who has not given up on her. He loves her and He is allowing us to be His arms extended until she can recognize His incredible grace on her own. In addition, we get to give her the tools to overcome addiction, maintain a healthy pregnancy, parent well and heal from past abuses.

Though the journey is just beginning, we have 20 years of experience doing this same thing for countless others in similarly dire situations. While she has to walk the path, I have confidence that she has come to the right place. This year, I realized the money I would have spent on my own mother could be used to bless this woman who chose life for herself and her babies -against all odds. While this gift will not assuage my grief completely, it does bring a small measure of joy on an otherwise extremely difficult day. 

If you are facing Mother's Day feeling loss for your own mother or for children you no longer get to hold, consider following my example and allow our Heavenly Father's love to flow through you to some of His children who have known nothing but pain. 

Much Love,

Lynnette Carter
Chief Executive Officer
Living Hope Centers