W4L/Color Run Event Results

Dear Friends,

What a crazy-full-fun weekend! If you want to see some fun pictures or videos- check us out on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/LivingHopeCenters/ For Springerville's photos and video, click on "Walk for Life/Color Run" under the Events tab, then click Discussion.

I wanted to send a brief shout-out to everyone who participated this year. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We raised $11,466 in all this year. This will help us continue to purchase pregnancy tests, cover ultrasounds and provide a home for homeless, pregnant women to think through their options. Not to mention all those diapers for the EWYL program!

Also, I sincerely wish to promote two businesses that continuously go above and beyond to help make Living Hope a success and to encourage you to give your business to these givers. I am, of course, speaking of Jill Tinkel's State Farm and  DisTINKtive Auto Body.

And, yes... both businesses are owned by the Tinkel family. Now, they did not know that I was planning on promoting them in this way. They gave just because they love our ministry ... and they love me ... or, at least, that's the way they make me feel! These folks are kind, generous, community-minded and FUN to be around. And, it is incredible to get to have fun while discussing life insurance or dings, dents and repairs. 

Do you have a few seconds? Did you participate in our Walk/Run this year?  Please, do me a favor,and click on the link to complete a brief, anonymous survey:


This will help us improve your Walk for Life/Color Run experience for next year!

Also, be sure and check out ALL the sponsors who helped make our event happen this year- and shop them first! (see below)

And that's a wrap!

Jessica Davis
Dir. of Development
Living Hope Centers