STARS Talking Points/Core Elements:

Self Awareness

Our hope is that students learn to recognize their own strengths, struggles and influences and that they become able to manage those things positively.

Future Focus

Because we know that teens are pulled in a million directions, we want our students considering their next steps when they make decisions so they understand how the choices they have now will affect their future.

Mentor Life

It is proven that having a mentor has a positive and powerful impact on a teen’s life. To us, mentor life means our students always have someone investing in them and they are always investing in someone else.


Intended Outcomes for STARS

  • Identify and pursue healthy dating, social, familial and professional relationships
  • Show an increase in the number of 40 developmental assets
  • Show an increase in pro-social behaviors, specifically academic performance, empathy, community engagement, family connectedness and positive peer relationships
  • Show a decrease in anti-social behaviors, specifically bullying, school discipline referrals and negative peer relationships.
  • Delay the onset of and/or decrease participation in high-risk behaviors, specifically drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sexual activity, and violence.


Implementation Requirements

  1. Must have peer mentors (older youth)
    • trained
    • cross-age
    • school year commitment
    • 1:4 mentor to mentee ratio
  2. Must be 20-24 sessions over the school year
  3. Must be a mentor matching & closure process



“I have learned things that I need to be successful in school and in relationships. Now that I am working on these things, I can see myself being successful in the future.”  — Rueben, Sheridan High School, participated 5 years in STARS and graduated 2013

“I was easily influenced by unhealthy choices and STARS shaped me into becoming the best person that I can be.”  — STARS Mentor 2012-2014

“STARS has taught me to not be afraid of who I am.”  — STARS Mentor 2013-2014